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Travel Footnotes is Me! Meg Fuller.

I caught the travel bug early. When I was a kid both of my parents were teachers and every summer when school was out we could pack our bags and head out to explore. By the time I was 26 I had visited 47 states, countless countries, and 6 continents. I had set a goal to make it to 7 continents (Antarctica) by the time I was 30 and then life happened in the form of a husband, Wesley (who is now 6!), and Maisie (almost 4).

Being a mom is both the toughest and most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. I think all moms can relate to the feeling of losing a piece of yourself to your children when they are born and struggling with who you are in role that. For me it became clear that I could never be happy as a mom if I wasn’t traveling and seeing the world. When Wesley was 4 my husband and I made a pact that I could have 1 trip a year anywhere I wanted to go. I would get to plan it, organize it, research it and that would be my 10 days to share my love with my family. Since that pact was made we have visited Ireland, Finland/Norway, and now next year we are off to Alaska. We also have managed to throw in many small family trips including a ski tour of the small ski areas in the Adirondacks, a trip to Encinitas, CA, and a work/play trip to Marco Island. What I have discovered through this process is that seeing the world through my children’s eyes made the experience of travel so much more incredible. There is nothing that brings me more joy then seeing my children discover the world.



So why a blog? Aren’t there a million other travel bloggers out there.

I like to travel off the beaten path (which is probably the most over used travel phrase in the planet, but its true). I also like to really research my trips ahead of time. Spending the time to look at options, analyze reviews, read blogs, and really plan how your experience is going to go before you leave means that when you arrive you have the knowledge you need to truly enjoy your trip. When I was planning our family trip to Finland in the Summer of 2018 there wasn’t a lot of great information out there. The only main stream tour book to comprehensively cover Finland is Lonely Planet and there weren’t a lot of English blogs with information on the areas of Finland we were going. I wanted to start this blog to just put out there some of the knowledge we gained on our trip in case there was anyone else out there like me who wanted input before their trip.

The more I have been working on this blog and as I thought about it more I thought that I might actually have something to say. Maybe someone reads it and maybe nobody does but if I help one mom out there researching their next family vacation I think I have accomplished my goal. I mean one day someone might call me the millennial mom version of Rick Steves and I would totally be cool with that.

Maybe I can finally put my Master’s in Geography to work for something…